Ghanaian beautiful bride

A very beautiful Ghanaian lady got married to the love of her life dressed in a glamorous and colorful wedding dress. The stunning bride ditched the conversational white for a green and brown Kente outfit.

Several fashion lovers who saw the entire video have gone to the comments section and shared their thoughts and observations about the bride and her ceremonious outfits. More brides are doing away with anything conventional as regards the white wedding ceremony.

One particular lady who got stunned and intrigued by the startling outfit of

the bride and identified as Doreenda Ohin, got social media users buzzing with her classic and wonderful wedding dress and choice. For her white wedding ceremony, the Ghanaian lady with is filled and decorated with elegant beauty, spotted the immaculate beautiful Kente dress gorgeously to the admiration of others.

The green and brown dress featured a sheer neckline and sleeves with a tiered flounce. She then paired the look with a white veil and adorned a peach bouquet. The following thoughts were some of the remarks cheerfully shared about her colorful wedding dress.

This is hilarious, she looks lovely. She looks fantastic. What a wow! You have good-looking attire. You have done all! Congratulations on your new African wear as a wedding dress, we are glad you have educated us all.

I will one day try your options, excellent and many other loving and adorable memories was shared to celebrate the bold and audacious decision taken by the Ghanaian beauty queen during her wedding ceremony.



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