Beautiful lady celebrates virginity; Shares certificate online


A stunning South African woman who posted about celebrating her virginity online has received a ton of support and appreciation.

This comes after the young woman passed the Sivuselela Amasiko Trust’s virginity test.

In several African nations, most notably South Africa, taking a purity test is customary.

To encourage chastity among women, virginity tests are administered to females who are 18 years of age and older.

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When a woman passes the virginity test and is discovered to be unblemished with her “petals firmly in place and unplucked,” she is granted a legitimate certificate from the society.

Online images show the attractive woman as having recently received her diploma demonstrating that she has lived a fulfilling chaste life in spite of great social pressure.

She recommended other women to take a cue from her and wait to get married till they are married.