Christians in Ghana are fake, they have all failed God- Great Ampong

Great Ampong

In a recent interview, Great Ampong made the claim that Ghanaian Christians are imposters whose behavior does not comport with what God demands.

In a recent conversation he had with Amansan Krakye at the Royal Seed Orphanage Home in Papaase, close to Kasoa Ofaakor, he expressed his opinion that since God does not approve of their lifestyles, they are destined for hellfire.

The former serial hitmaker asserted that God spoke to him personally and informed him that Ghanaians have failed God because their Christianity does not satisfy his standards.

He explained,

“A friend of mine drove me here, and as I was ready to step out of the car, I heard the voice of God stating that all Ghanaian Christians had failed Him and that I am also a part of it.

I couldn’t get out of the car, and I truly grieved uncontrollably, and everyone here saw it. I heard the voice loud and clear stating that you are part of a group of Christians who have terribly failed God.

I cried uncontrollably .so I decided that if this is what I have heard, I will come and share with the kids at the orphanage home whatever God has blessed me with on the day of my birthday.”

In a related development, According to the gospel musician whose real name is Isaiah Kwadwo Ampong, eating grasscutters and other unclean animals is abominable for Christians and whoever disobeys this simple instruction issued by God will inevitably end up in hell.

Huge African rodents known as “grasscutters,” or “akrantie” in Ghana, are regarded as a significant rural protein source and preferred meat in the majority of Ghanaian eateries. But the veteran gospel star believes Christians, as prescribed by the old testament, should refrain from the consumption of such bush meat.

“When you read Leviticus chapter 7 verse 8 you will be told about animals which are clean and unclean like pork, grasscutter, rats, mouse and mentioned a lot of other animals that are unclean