Couple go viral for using Aboboyaa on their wedding day


A Ugandan couple impressed social media users by choosing to use Aboboyaa as their mode of transportation to their wedding site rather of hiring an SUV.

As they arrived as a convoy, they utilized numerous Aboboyaa tricycles rather than just one.

The simple and happy couple were seen arriving at the wedding location with pride written all over their faces in the short wedding video that is presently trending on TikTok.

In the video, the bride and groom arrived at the location first, followed by other passengers in the tiny truck.

Other bikers carrying more wedding guests then closely followed their truck.

If the man rides an Aboboyaa or if they hired the numerous tricycles that accompanied them to their wedding is unknown at this time. @tadeotumuramye posted the video.

@tadeotumuramyeNew era of Tuku Tuku

♬ Here Comes the Bride (Traditional Bride Entrance) – Pure Pianogonia


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