Davido And Olamide Deserve National Honors Because They Created Sustained Stars

Davido has been praised for consistently helping upcoming Nigerian Artistes to become stars in the music industry.

On the other hand is Olamide who is also paramount in the making of new music stars in Nigeria, the current talked about is Asake, who is doing marvelously well speaking about the great works of these two wonderful and instrumental artistes, a social media user suggested that they must be given a national honors based on merit due to their roles being played in the music industry which cannot be doubted but touted without any argument.

Nigeria music has been doing quite well in many other countries because of how such listed individual proactive and instrumental in seeing other young and upcoming guys with the music talents and skills are eager to come up with something new and extraordinary and all that is happening because of the unflinching supports that Davido and Olamide are jointly granting to those young and energetic artistes and based on their loyalties and good hearts, their offers and kindness must be celebrated to motivate other people to follow their parts to help move other musical artistes forward.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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