Fans Drag Efya For Attending Interview In ‘Cheap Skintight Clothes’ and Bloated Tummy


It’s amazing to think of how far vocalist Efya has gone from being a divinity to a common mortal.

Efya is undoubtedly the most gifted female vocalist our country has ever produced, yet she rarely makes headlines for the right reasons—simply because it seems like she can’t look after herself.

She recently gained popularity due to reports of an alleged drug overdose, and now days, the only thing people comment on when they see her is how she looks, about which she doesn’t seem to care much.

Efya recently appeared in public for an interview, but once again, her presence on social media got people talking.

Fans criticized her for not dressed appropriately while others noted that her tummy continued to set records for its size although she was wearing a blue dress.

One social media user commented on the video of Efya by asking, “Who fashions her? All these skin-tight, cheap-looking clothing. Jeez,”

A different person remarked, “Afia paa na nafu aye sei, why,”