UK Police handcuffed and hauled Fuse ODG out of his car due to a “smell of cannabis.”

Fuse ODG

Brixton cops detained and forcibly removed Fuse ODG from his car after they allegedly smelt “cannabis” coming from it.

In the viral video, the Grammy-winning musician could be seen objecting to the police’s severe methods before succumbing to them. Fuse ODG was in the car with a business associate when the incident happened.

The Ghanaian-British singer claims that UK police engaged in racial profiling in this incident. Fuse ODG said, “Are you mad, do you have a warrant?” during the argument.

Authorities claim that in order to prevent Fuse ODG from hurting himself, they chained him at that point.

The reason is to prevent harm,” one officer told Fuse ODG in the video and he asked “harm to you?” he replied “and to yourself as well … because you could grab the drugs and swallow them“.

When the police eventually searched the car, they found drugs, which made the artist and his companions have to leave. After sharing a video of the incident on his social media platforms, Fuse ODG explained what happened.

He stated that the incident occurred on February 28th, 2023. “I almost didn’t share this incident because, first and foremost, I’m tired of seeing videos like this, as I’m sure many of you are.” Second, it’s simply embarrassing for my own feeling of self-worth. I’m too much of a King to be treated this way! “With the foregoing in mind, what you are witnessing is a censored version of events,” he wrote.

He added that “Having taken the time to process the incident and this ongoing problem, there are certa in things that I feel must be said:

This incident took place a few months back on 28th Feb 2023. I was dragged out of my car and handcuffed in the middle of the street in Brixton with no warning or explanation. After the incident, I spent 6 hours in A & E due to how tightly they clamped the cuffs on me…(excruciating pain!), as well as suffering neck and back pain for the following weeks”.

It’s wild that this is the normal reality for too many of us growing up in this country But even wilder is that, this is still the reality in a post George Floyd world.

“In the past months, we have seen so many videos of police officers beating up and even kneeling on our black children in the UK. I know because a lot of the time they come to me for help,” Fuse ODG added.

The sad reality is that as a black man living in this system, it doesn’t matter how much money you make or the positive impact that you have on the world, they still only see you as one thing.

This isn’t the first time this has happened to me or @mrhackett1. At one point, it was almost a weekly occurrence. The difference is that at this stage in life, we are now in the position to have the resources at our disposal to deal with these issues differently. We have filed a formal complaint with the @metpolice_uk and we are very grateful to @tundeokewale of @UrbanLawyers who has come to stand in the gap for us.

That said, we are not holding our breaths for justice from this system. The real battle is internal…the real battle is won when we don’t let them break our confidence and we maintain our identity and dignity”.