Fans React As Abena Korkor Resurfaces In New Video

Abena Korkor

In a brand-new video that has surfaced online, Abena Korkor seems more gorgeous and healthy than ever before!

In a video, Korkor can be seen driving an automobile. Fans are in a frenzy over her stunning new look as they ogle her beauty.

Korkor flashes a flirty smile and moves while sporting a low cut that makes her look young and attractive.

Netizens were overjoyed to see her in her current condition, with many remarking that she appears to be as healthy as she has ever been, especially given that she also seems to have lost some weight.

“Am seeing her like someone who has lost weight,” one netizen said.

Another added: “A pretty and intelligent lady. I wish her all the best and I’ll keep rooting for her,”

Abena Korkor looks better than ever and it’s good news for us all – here’s to hoping to no more relapses!

Watch her below…