You cannot know the Bible more than I do – Nigel Gaisie and A Plus clash on TV

In a discussion about biblical understanding, pastor Nigel Gaisie engaged media celebrity Kwame A Plus.

The two connected on UTV’s United Showbiz program on Saturday night (May 6, 2023) and spoke about a variety of topics.

In a video clip posted by UTV, Gaisie is shown defending his superior Bible knowledge in comparison to A Plus.

A Plus responds by offering arguments as to why the preacher’s assertions cannot be totally true.

Find their exchange below:

Nigel Gaisie: I am a historian, I studied history at the University of Ghana, we have the universal truth that is the Bible

A Plus: Nigel, by whose standard (is the Bible a universal truth?)

Nigel Gaisie: … I respect the different religions and orientations when it comes to spirituality, I hope you understand. But when it comes to spirituality, it will be a very big mistake for my brother Kwame to thin that he knows the Bible than me.

A brief chatter from both parties and the host ensues

A Plus: Nigel, my grandfather is a Jehovah Witness, my father was a Jehovah Witness, so I have taken the Bible and gone round to spread the gospel…

Nigel Gaisie: You have to go back and take the Bible again…

A Plus: Take it easy, I have ever spread the gospel… I can recite the Bible, not just that, when you tell me anything, I will tell you where it is in the bible.

Watch their exchange below: