Hard-Earned Money Gone Down The Drain — Angry Ghanaians React To The Newly-Acquired Train Wreck

Sudden news of Ghana’s newly-imported train accident has sent the nation on a shock absorbing spree.

The accident location is said to be along the Tema-Mpakadan road, where the train was suspected to tested for a few weeks.

In a photo that has circulated on social media, the damaged train is said to have collided with a pickup truck parked few meters away on the railway track.

Some people say the owner of the pickup truck intentionally parked his vehicle there to cause the accident for political reasons, while others think that the accident could have been prevented, if the necessary safety measures were put in place.

Here are some of the comments of some Ghanaians who were not expecting such a drastic outcome :

“Unfortunate, irresponsible and unpatriotic!” — John Peter Amewu(Railway Minister)

“The new train they brought has had an accident during the testing. Nothing works in this country.” — @olamideGh

“Ghana’s recently acquired train, had been involved in an accident while on a test. Very sad.” — @enocksmith84

“The train’s accident is not making sense to me one bit.” — @xandra