“For That Weak A$$ Pu$$y” – King Nasir criticizes Shugatiti for charging their adult film $2 million

King Nasir, a well-known American p0rnstar, and Ghanaian socialite Shugatiti have been chatting on social media about perhaps making an adult film together.

It began when the CEO of Pot of Shuga stated that no man had ever caused her to reach her organism during a sekz.

The rough-riding pornstar reacted to this claim by promising to give the Ghanaian socialite several organism.

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Shugatiti was ready to shooting a tape with him and accepting fair compensation as well.

Before it was recently alleged that King Nasir had traveled to Ghana to attempt to get Shugatiti laid, this discussion was about to go away for good.

Shugatiti claims that King Nasir must give her a whopping $2 million before she will have sekz with him, which is why he is in Ghana.

He asserts that the Ghanaian socialite is unworthy of receiving that sum of money since, to begin with, she is a “weak ass pu$$y.”

King Nasir went on to say that Shugatiti’s allegedly leaked sekz tape was likewise worthless.

See their Twitter exchange below,