Gena Tew recounts how she almost lost her life

The American social media influencer and model, Gena Tew, has harrowingly detailed, how she almost lost her life to a deadly disease many people in the world are scared about.

The model who is just 28 years old, has indicated that she has been living with AIDS for nearly ten years without knowing that dangerous disease has been in her bloodstream for all that long period.

The renowned social media influencer stated that, even though she has been living a normal life without any difficult moments concerning her personal health, she was utterly shocked to hear that she has been living with AIDS for almost 10 years without getting to know it herself.

According to her, she was diagnosed with the disease when she has been revealed to her by medical doctors who treated her of that merciless disease which nearly took her life away from her.

Gena Tew was born in December 16th 1994 in America without much details about her personal life even though she was very popular on social media platforms as she was known as a model and influencer but that did not match really with what needs to be known by those who have been following her activities on social media platforms.

Gena Tew, born in Memphis Tennessee in United States of America, for over twenty eight years ago, no other particular information concerning her private life either in the form of her education, childhood life, parents whether they are alive or deceased but only one of her older sisters who was said to have passed away due to some complications in her body.

It was revealed sadly that her older sister whose name has not been confirmed yet, tragically gave up her ghost spirit to lung disease while leaving her husband and three children behind without leaving a word for them.

Gena Tew has been sharing her posts regularly on her TikTok causing her to amass a large fanbase of over a whooping 840.5k followers with 6.8 million likes being active on Instagram and users the handle @tewgena. This her revelation acquiring AIDS and been diagnosed of it later, has kept others talking about how she could be living with such a scary disease for ten years without getting to know of it until she has been told by medical doctors who revealed it to her.


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