GHAMRO wins legal dispute against telecommunication networks

Ghana Music Rights Organization

The Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) has won an argument they recorded against telecom organizations MTN, Vodafone, and Airtel Tigo four years prior.

The judgment was followed through on March 10, 2021, at an Accra High Court of Justice (Commercial Division ’10’) by Her Justiceship Jennifer Abena Dadzie.

In its milestone managing, the adjudicator allowed GHAMRO the reliefs looked for which incorporates the assortment of eminences for the public presentation, representing income produced from the public exhibition, installment of 10% copyright sovereignties on incomes created from the utilization of works having a place with Ghamro individuals, and acquiring cover licenses for the utilization and execution accordingly.

The court likewise announced that where performing artistes have effectively appointed their privileges in a public execution to GHAMRO, the actual artistes are not the legitimate people to get the eminences and no understanding will block the GHAMRO from initiating an activity to recuperate the sovereignties due it. Around there, the court granted an expense of 60,000 Ghana Cedis (Ghc 60,000) against every one of the Telecom organizations to GHAMRO.

In the interim, GHAMRO through its specialists will team up with the Telcom organizations to go into account in enthusiasm for the decisions and association administrations to the Industry., GHAMRO is thankful for the help it delighted in during the period.

This milestone case has arranged GHAMRO to influence the permitting of the utilization of music in open exhibitions by the TELCOS organizations and likewise different clients of melodic works of its appointed collection.

Hence, the correct proprietors, clients like Hotels, eateries, transport administrators, content suppliers, night clubs, banks filling stations, Malls, and any remaining clients are by this delivery mentioned to observe.


As foundation to this suit, in 2016, through its specialists, Poku Edusei and Associates, Ghamro brought an activity for a statement that the disappointment of the Telecom organizations, MTN, VODAFONE, TIGO and AIRTEL to acquire client licenses for the exhibition of melodic works to the general population just as working with music downloads by means of their different organizations comprised copyright encroachment.

In encouragement of this, the Society mentioned request to the organizations to represent incomes created from the utilization/execution of its melodic works to people in general since 2012 just as to be constrained to acquire client licenses for the utilization and execution of the melodic works to people in general.

Taking everything into account, GHAMRO mentioned harms for break of copyright and for the installment of 10% copyright eminences on income created from music downloads and utilizes/execution since 2012.


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