Ghanaian kid draws beautiful portrait to celebrate Black Sherif

Young kid draws nice sketch of Black Sherif Photo credit@Emmanuel Danso
Young kid draws nice sketch of Black Sherif Photo credit@Emmanuel Danso

Talent, they say can not be taken away from you but how authentic and viable is that hypothesis since talents must be nurtured into fruition?

Everyone has a talent endowed with him or her unless you sleep too much to the extent that you have no ambition or aim in life to work towards. Mostly, the world does not pay any critical attention to the young ones in their local communities where such adorable and pleasurable talents exhibited by the indigenous people have been completely ignored since they believed that they are too mean or local to be given a second chance or to be celebrated.

That particular talent being spoken about, has been hidden in one of Ghana’s talented and skillful drawer cum sketcher, David Boafo, a junior high two school student in the Eastern Region of Ghana, who has amazingly with beautiful attraction, drawn, Black Sherif with colourful features to behold with sight.

The talented child, who drew the musician with dexterity without any iota of doubt on his finishing touches, said he sketched the singer just to appreciate and celebrate his wonderful songs he has been singing for the world to hear and he wishes Black Sherif himself gets to see how neat and clean he has been drawn by him, David Boafo of Kingdom Preparatory School, located at Abenase in the Eastern Region.

The youngster, David Boafo who carefully drew Black Sherif, displayed flamboyantly what he has drawn with much confidence and admiration by school and class mates during lesson hours, praised and showered best wishes for the musician to excel in his music career since he has been blessed with that marvelous talents.

A video which surfaced online recently, showed how neat and gentle the musician looks on the piece of paper on which he David Boafo has drawn the second sermon hit maker without any cancellations. While expressing his delight and feelings for his talent, David Boafo only wishes that Black Sherif himself gets to know about how neatly he has been drawn by just a junior high two school student in the Abenase area of the Eastern Region who is currently attending Kingdom Preparatory School with such a hidden gift.

The amazing outlook of the drawing for David Boafo, has been celebrated by people on social media and others remarked a lot of positive sayings about the little boy who skillfully exhibited his coveted talent by coming out with such a great sign of beauty to colourfully sketch Black Sherif. It is clear Black Sheriff would surely appreciate his work by giving out his reaching hands to the young and promising talent for showing his personal appreciation for the works done by the second sermon hit maker, Black Sherif.


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