Hajia Bintu trends after promoting products that charm men

Hajia Bintu

Hajia Bintu, a TikTok influencer from Ghana, has a sizable social media following that allows her to promote well-known products for a fee. According to her, she has been able to use these discounts to pay for her luxurious lifestyle.

On April 12, Hajia Bintu sparked controversy after a viral video showing her endorsing “Kayamata” items went viral. Kayamata is a drug commonly used by women to seduce men and demand money from their sexual partners.

She extolled the virtues of the allegedly potent Kayamata product, explaining that any woman who buys them will inevitably receive generous gifts of money from any men she interacts with, whether through sexual contact or just a handshake.

She added that male sponsors or as she puts it ‘Papa No’ who prove stubborn when asked for money will succumb to a woman who uses the said product.

Bintu listed them as: “Fuck & Stay, Attraction To Rich Men, Love & Pay, Love Me Alone, and Do As I Say.”

Influencers and women on social media have criticized Hajia Bintu’s action, saying she is misguiding a lot of people.

Herbs and potions known as “kayamata” are thought to have the power to tether a man or woman after a sexual encounter. Patronizers assert that it has kept their relationships intact and helped them deal with stingy partners.

One’s victim is quick to “do as their partner says” after using these products.