Hookup lady drags 25 years old man to pay her after all night service at Mankessim, video goes viral

There are various reasons why a lot of people are not willing to squeeze themselves by sweating before they eat but rather, they wanted to easiest way out without thinking of the repercussions either today or tomorrow.

As youthful exuberant as some people are today, they refused to work hard before they become prosperous because, a hand that does not work is not qualified for food but the same people are quick to tell the world that they do not have anything to do with morality.

There is a certain particular video that has been widely circulated on all the social media platforms over one of the weirdest episode in the full glare of the public when a 25 year old youthful exuberant had deep sexual bouts with a very young Nigerian nationality and dumped whilst reneging on his earlier agreed promise made to her.

The 25 year old man has been currently detained by the police officials in the Central region of Ghana for refusing to pay the Nigerian lady her GHC 600.00 after a full all night sex services she rendered to the disgraceful and shameful man who is now resting in the cooler.

The Nigerian national, whose name has been withheld with security reasons, entered into a consensual agreement with the dishonourable 25 year old man that, after he finishes satisfying his body with sexual pleasure, the agreed amounts to be paid her would be GHC 600.00 where both parties agreed to have raw quality sex deep down the night until day breaks without any form of wearing protective equipment or material.

The man in question intently agreed but after enjoying the flesh of the lady, he blatantly jettisoned the lady out of his room while forgetting the promises he made before removing the violet and red panties of the lady. But unknown to him, the young woman is smarter than him hence, her decision to file a case against the man who had sexual bouts with her without paying for the service that the lady rendered to his satisfaction.

The lady therefore mounted a spirited defense against the man and audaciously took the matter to the Mankessim police officers for their intervention. And the man has since been arrested by the police officials while further investigations are currently underway to unravel the truth or other words of the pending case.


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