I won’t leave bank till I get my bond returns-77 year old retiree vows

A near chaos and commotion almost disrupted banking and services at Ghana Commercial Bank when an aged retiree vowed not to move an inch until he receives the returns on the money he saved with the bank after the proposed government domestic debt exchange programme was announced.

The ailing retiree Peter Kojo Nyasepe, had vowed to stay at the premises of the bank until he receives the interest on the money that he gave to Ghana Commercial Bank after his previous nightmares when he claimed to have saved with a former defunct ponzi scheme and lost everything into the drain.

He therefore decided to receive the interest on his bonds at the end of the month without it there is no way he is going to leave the jurisdiction of the bank which after collecting the money, a greater chunk of its being used to buy medicine for his health care needs. Peter Kojo Nyasepe, who is a bond holder, said he uses the returns from the investments with the bank to buy medicines for survival and therefore, the returns on his investments cannot be withheld as said by the bank authorities instructed or proposed by the government.

According to him, withholding his investments returns would do for him more harm than good since his entire livelihood depends large on his bond with the bank as and through that he uses majority of the benefits gained from the savings to purchase medicines.

The disturbed and aggrieved septuagenarian said he opted for government bonds due to his painful ordeal with a ponzi scheme in the previous absurd years and through what he experienced, he does not want to witness any such kind of a similar issue hence his decision to stay at the bank premises until he receives his bonds interest to buy medicines for his poor and deplorable condition.

He stated that he has been living in anxiety since the government announced the proposed domestic debt exchange programme which will deny him the returns for this year. He gave the money to Ghana Commercial Bank and if what they are telling his is that he can not receive his money he is going to stay there until they pay him. The worried and distraught retired septuagenarian stated with aggression.


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