How many times has Derek Hough been nominated for the Primetime Emmy Awards

Derek Hough

Who is Derek Hough

Derek Hough is an American choreographer and dancer. He has been nominated for the Primetime Emmie Awards on three occasions, most recently for his performance in the TV movie Rock of Ages.

The actor starred in a small role in the film, which he co-wrote with Julianne and Tessandra Chavez. In 2014, Derek Hough starred in a film called Make Your Move, which was originally titled Cobu 3D. In this film, Hough was cast opposite K-pop singer BoA in an animated dance-movie, and he played Donny in the movie.

In May 2017, Hough joined NBC’s World of Dance as a judge. The show was one of the most popular summer alternative series for the past five years, and was the most-watched new program in nine years. It was picked up for a second season, and Hough and his sister Julianne Hough moved to London to study dance.

The two earned an estimated net worth of $8 million. As of April 2016, Hough is nominated for nine Primetime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Choreography, Best Original Comedy Series, and Best Comedy Show.

This is Derek Hough’s second Emmy Award for Outstanding Choreography, and his nominations are growing steadily. He was nominated for the category for eight consecutive years.

In the same year, he won Best Live Performance at the 2015 Primetime Grammy Awards. He has also won several Emmys for his acting in movies, such as the 2009 film “O.C.,” as well as the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series.


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