I was 5 months pregnant without knowing – Yaa Jackson spills beans

I was 5 months pregnant without knowing - Yaa Jackson spills beans

Yaa Jackson Konadu, an actress and singer from Ghana, has said that she didn’t know she was pregnant until she was five months in.

Yaa claims that when she learned that she was pregnant, it was too late.”

She said in an interview with Zionfelix that if she had found out she was pregnant in the first trimester, she could have taken better care of herself.

Some ladies would be heavily pregnant but if you ask them about it, they will tell you that they are not pregnant and rather, they are growing fat because they claim is the monthly discharge of blood is still following while such ladies are sadly bleeding and not menstruating as they ignorantly asserted.

One of the ladies who has been very instrumental and popular in the entertainment circles has spilled the beans over heavy pregnancy after five good months of acquaintance.

“It got to a time where I lost my appetite and became weak. I went to check in at the hospital but then, it was too late. It was after five months that I found out I was pregnant…had I known earlier, I could have taken much care of myself.

“I never abort my pregnancy. I won’t harm that innocent baby…I was ready for anything. I have been with my man for almost two years but we’ve been friends since 2016,” she said.

The new mother who welcomed a son some few months ago added that she performed shows without raising eyebrows adding that she kept posting on social media until 7 months into her pregnancy.

“I was playing shows until my 7th month. My belly wasn’t protruding, I kept on posting on social media.”

 According to her, she could have terminated the fetus if she were to have learned it earlier but now, it is too late for her to undertake such an adventure.