Nana Agradaa celebrates Val’s day in red bra

Nana Agradaa celebrates Val's day in red bra

A very well-known Ghanaian preacher who owns Today Television Station, Nana Agradaa was part of those who happily enjoyed themselves before, during, and after the activities involving Valentine’s day.

Prophetess Patricia Asiedua, popularly called Nana Agradaa, has demonstrated how deeply she falls in love with the celebration of Valentine’s day across the globe where the citizens of such nations come together once a year to cheer themselves up while others look for their prospective partners.

Nana Agradaa yesterday, who is married to a responsible man of high standing in society, showed off the colors of her brasseries which were shared online by people who could not believe their eyes.

Everyone saw that she wore a red brasserie which she exhibited glaringly to the public in the activities relating to Valentine’s day. Her way of dressing yesterday beat the imaginations of some people who are asking if she is a genuine born again.


Val’s day has been a day that some people will never forget about in their lifetime since it means a lot to them either they were able to find their soulmates during that fate encounter or some received a breakup from their partners due to one issue or another.

Ghanaian nationals are no exception to those who are lovers of Valentine’s day as many thronged onto the streets to show their loved ones and those who are the apples of their eyes how much they love them.

Even some churches organized dinner feasts for their members most especially, the youth as a stop-gap measure to put a stop to the recurring instances of massive fornication activities that are being reported due to the shortages of condoms in the marketing centers.

Such activities are geared towards preventing the youth from engaging in sexual promiscuity as they could defile their bodies before they are fully ripe for harvesting.