I was ordered to stop using penis and vagina-shaped pots at my restaurant - Shugatiti reveals

Ghanaian socialist and proud nudist, Shugatiti, caused a huge frenzy on social media the day she opened her restaurant pots of Shuga.

The opening which took place on Saturday, August 6th, 2022, saw netizens speaking a lot about the type of pots Shugatiti decided to customize and serve for the sale of food at her restaurant.

In the video that surfaced online on the very day, the pots that were shaped like penis and vaginas of men and women, were being used to serve customers at the restaurant to eat in. When she was questioned why she will do such a thing, Shugatiti indicated that it was because her restaurant has some kind of an explicit touch to it.

Well, in recent times, these pots have not been seen at the shop, and in a recent interview, with Kwaku Manu, on the latter’s Aggressive Interview Show, Shugatiti revealed why.

According to her, the Ghana Tourism Authority served her with a letter ordering her to stop and desist from using her controversial and sexually suggestive pots at the restaurant to serve her customers and patronizers.

She revealed that the use of the pots meant that the place was not safe for children except adults only, hence, the decision of the Ghana Tourism Authority served her with an official communication while discouraging her from using those pots at her much-talked-about restaurant.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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