The Ghanaian sensation actress and Filmmaker, Tracey Boakye had come out to say that there is no way she will change her lifestyle to make people happy or suit their expectations.

Tracey Boakye has been one of the best actress in Ghana since the day she was featured in her first movie. She has been one of the people most bloggers and entertainment pundits discusses alot.

Tracy Boakye said that to address how bad it is for some celebrities to change their lifestyle or live a fake life because of what people say online. She made that statement on Accra’s music leader Pluzz 89.9Fm.

Tracey Boakye also revealed that people always perceive the thought that every individual who associates him or herself to Christianity must be generally accepted in the eyes of everyone, a school of thought that is gradually crippling the joyful life others by forceful means of engaging in activities out of will.

She went on to say that such is her case after trying to seek reunification with her maker through singing, a talent enshrined in her before joining the movie industry as an actress and producer.

To her, she will continue to live the life that makes her happy although irrespective of what Ghanaian will say. Tracy who has now become a gospel musician added that her new move can’t prevent her from living the life that pleases her spirit and soul.




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