If Princess Shyngle is single by February 14th, she swears to wreck relationships.

Princess Shyngle

Princess Shyngle, a socialite and actress from the Gambia, claims that if she is single by February 14, 2023, she will cause many women to become single.

The socialite said she would screenshot all the Instagram chats for everyone to read in a post she published on November 1, 2022.

She predicts that many women will experience singlehood after she shares these messages, just like she did.

“If I’m still single by Feb 14, imma screenshot my DM’s and we’re all going to be single,” she said.

Princess Shyngle published a lengthy set of guidelines for guys who want to establish a relationship with her in another post.

The actress, who recently ended a failed marriage, offered a number of cautions and considerations for her upcoming romance.

Unclear what triggered her rants, the Gambian socialite wrote: “The thought of me ever getting married again makes me sick to my stomach. I don’t ever want to get married again so if we’re dating don’t be calling and texting me every day, once a week is good enough. Don’t ever introduce me to any of your friends or family members. Don’t you dare try to propose to me cuz that will be the last time you will ever hear from me again?

“I don’t care if you’re bisexual you can cheat on me with men and women I do not care as long as you’re paying my bills, support my dreams, giving me good d**k, buying me expensive shit, I’ll be the happiest. I’m not interested in having kids so feel free to have as many baby mama’s as you want. Lastly don’t you ever post me on your social media or tell me you love me.”


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