It’s criminal Ghana doesn’t have defibrillators in hospitals – Korle Bu Neurosurgeon

A Defibrillator Machine

A Neurosurgeon at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital Dr. Hadi Abdallah has communicated displeasure regarding the helpless condition of the country’s neurosurgeon unit at the head medical hos[ital.

The unit which fills in as a reference centre can just flaunt four beds at its Intensive Care Unit and one working theater. The medical clinic additionally needs vain locaters, screens, among other indispensable gear.

As indicated by him “on the off chance that we had an ICU that was useful, we might have kept individuals from getting stroke yet the ICU doesn’t permit that.”

Addressing Francis Abban on Wednesday as monitored by , Dr Abdallah portrayed as criminal the way that expert offices don’t have essential machines, for example, defibrillators which are utilized to reestablish a typical heartbeat by sending an electric heartbeat or stun to the heart.

His remarks come after the mother of the late Michael Kofi Asamoah whose cerebrum condition became famous online via social media, Cordelia Ama Selormey, shared her involvement with the Korle Bu Hospital over how she lost her child because of the absence of essential hardware like the defibrillator.

Dr Abdallah indignantly said “we ought to send journalists around this nation to discover the number of defibrillators are in our medical clinics. It’s criminal that we don’t have defibrillators in clinics.”

He further uncovered that “we are working with just a single theater and we have just one space in the emergency unit. Our ICU should have twelve beds yet presently, we have only four and one out of it is for neurosurgery. What’s more, even with that one, it’s dependent upon accessibility.”

Dr Abdallah, nonetheless, kept up that “this is certifiably not an immediate assault on Korle-Bu board however it’s the means by which the framework has been run throughout the long term.”

On the requirement for the development of a neuroscience community, he said “more than 10 years prior, when they cost the development of a neuroscience place, it was around $30 million yet now in case we will be real with ourselves, it should cost us $50million.”

Addressing the way of life of quietness in the wellbeing area, he uncovered that “numerous specialists over the course of the years have would not talk the media to feature a portion of these things since we have individuals who have been put there by government who’ll come at you when you talk.” he ended.



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