Joshua Of Keche Reacts To Kuami Eugene’s Claim That He Wrote “No Dulling”

Kuami Eugene

Joshua Kojo Ampah, one-half of the popular Ghanaian music duo Keche, has responded to Kuami Eugene’s recent assertions that he played a larger role in the creation of the song “No Dulling,” which has gained widespread attention.

Kuami Eugene asserted that she wrote the entire chorus and hook in a Delay Show interview, and that anyone who says otherwise is lying.

He went on to imply that they don’t think Keche is talented or above them because they want the recognition.

“I think it’s because in this industry when someone writes for someone, they think the person the song was written for doesn’t have talent, but it doesn’t work like that in the Western World,” Kuami Eugene said. “When they came, I had already written the song. So what they came to add was ‘Otan bebrebe yi enti wo da aa wo da?’ … I have done this before.”

In response, Keche posted a video on Twitter in which they disputed Eugene’s claims.

According to Joshua, it was funny that Eugene would make a statement that they only added the phrase ‘Otan bebrebe yi enti wo da aa wo da?’ to the song.

“They said the only things we did in the song is ‘Otan bebrebe yi enti wo da aa wo da?I don’t get it,” Joshua said.