Joy As Couples Welcomes Beautiful Child After 13 Years Of Waiting

    Joy as Couple welcomes beautiful child after 13 Years of Waiting (Photos)

    Couples, Pastor Paul and Mrs. Funmi Martins have taken to social media to share their awesome testimonies as they happily welcomed their first beautiful baby after waiting upon the Lord for thirteen years without losing hope in the process.

    These are the expressions of their heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to God after saving and delivering them from what their enemies considered previously, to be shame and reproach against them during which some even rained insults and innuendos on the woman for not giving birth. The celebrating couples exclaimed their joy: “Wow! This can only be God! Indeed what God can not do, does not exist on this earth”.

    They continued to express their profound gratitude to the Highest God for covering their shame, reproach, and disgrace ridiculed against them by their doubters who thought they would never be blessed with the fruits of the womb in their lifetime.

    Their glamorous celebration of their bouncing baby child goes on unabated as their invited loved ones, family members, and friends to help them appreciate God for turning their embarrassment as it were, their beliefs of their enemies, into joy and happiness to tell the whole world that, the thoughts of man, are not the thoughts of God, who they believe and worship day and night as their ultimate giver of children.



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