Kuami Eugene announces the release of his third studio album “Love & Chaos” (Video)

The release of Kuami Eugene’s third studio album, “Love & Chaos”

Kuami Eugene, a musician from Ghana, is overcoming the obstacles life has placed in his path.

The Lynx Entertainment-signed artist is ready to release his latest music project with the world after saying goodbye to his late father.

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Kuami Eugene recently addressed the hardship his family has had as a result of having to bid goodbye to loved ones too soon in a tweet. This announcement follows recent criticism for his attire selection at his father’s burial, demonstrating his capacity to maintain his musical focus in the face of difficulty.

Despite the difficulties of life, Kuami Eugene has announced the release of his new album, “Love & Chaos,” which is scheduled for this October.

After his “Rockstar Album” from 2018 and his “Son of Africa Album” from 2020, this is Kuami’s third studio album.

A mesmerizing 30-second visual teaser that accompanies his sincere message gives listeners a sneak peek into what is sure to be an amazing musical trip. When “Love & Chaos” graces our ears this October, be prepared for the emotions it will undoubtedly arouse.

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