Hard Work Alone Is Not Enough; Having A Strong Spiritual Background Is Important Says Wendy Shay To Artists

Hard work alone is not enough; having a strong spiritual background is important says Wendy Shay to artists.

In order to succeed in the country’s music industry, Wendy Asiamah Addo, better known by her stage name Wendy Shay, has counseled her fellow musicians to have some sort of spiritual support.

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The songwriter of “Uber Driver” asserts that hard work and talent alone are insufficient and that trust in one’s idol is necessary to support one’s efforts in the field. She went on to say that without spiritual fortification, no artist could succeed.

The Rufftown Record signee made this comment while discussing the successes and difficulties faced by women in entertainment business with Kwame Dadzie on Joy FM’s Twitter Spaces. “Every artist you have seen on top is not doing what they are doing carnally,” she claimed. “Work hard and have faith” is my motto. Faith and effort go hand in hand.

“You should also seek for [sic] spiritual back-ups after working hard, going to the studio, recording songs, or doing whatever you do,” she concluded. None of us act in a carnal manner. Your situation is either in the light or the dark. Many underground musicians are unaware of this. Either you believe in God, Jesus Christ, or anything else you believe in, and they will direct your steps. I mean, you’ll become exhausted and demotivated if you try to complete it with your natural strength.

You may remember that Wendy Shay recently admitted to having experienced numerous spiritual attacks before entering the music profession in an interview with TV3. She said that;

“Music is a spiritual experience, and it has significantly influenced the person I am now. My awareness of life’s spiritual aspects and the nuances of the sector I work in has increased as a result. I had never encountered anything like this while growing up in Germany, but when I moved to Ghana, I had to accept the spiritual side.