“Kume Preko” demo 2 on May 9

Kume Preko Masterminds

Kume Preko was the name given to an anti-government demonstration that occurred in Ghana in 1995, led by Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

Akufo-Addo’s Kume Preko demo rouses ‘#FixTheCountry’ walk against him on May 9 as conveners inform police.

The #FixTheCountry campaigners have kept in touch with the Ghana Police Service to tell the law requirement body of their goal to exhibit on 9 May 2021 against difficulties in the country.

The conveners of the showing incorporate Oliver Mawuse Barker-Vormawor, Felicity Nelson, Efia Odo, Samuel Alesu-Dordzi, Della Russel Ocloo, Joshua Boye-Doe, Bashoratu Kamal-Muslim, Agyapong Forster, Adatsi Brownson and Benjamin Darko.


They are being upheld by a large group of stars and superstars via online media.

The gathering said in its letter to the police that the occasion, which is a “solitary reason” one, “is being coordinated on the rear of a line of reliably broken guarantees by progressive governments; and in the activity of our majority rule rights as residents to communicate our dissatisfaction over enduring legislative inadequacy, refusal, as well as failure to fix the country”.


The coordinators said they accept, “as does the president, that vote based system isn’t an observer sport”, adding: “We are focused on improving the substance of administration in this nation by guaranteeing that the common voices of Ghanaians give an instrument to consider chose authorities responsible”.

“There comes a point where nothing more will be tolerated. Simply fix the Country!!! That is our lone message. We have had it with intentional trickery and the shortfall of truth and authentic responsibility in how this nation is being administered”, the gathering said.

The letter clarified that it picked 9 May in light of the fact that “it catches the fretful soul of more than 126 Ghanaians who lost their lives in the May 9 Accra Sports Arena calamity because of organized inadequacy and dismissal for Ghanaian lives” and “furthermore, the dissent recognizes the 26-commemoration of the Kume Preko Exhibit of 11 May 1995.”

“Along these lines, the occasion draws motivation from the undying society of dissent and dispute that have produced our vote based system, and which Kume Preko has become an equivalent for in our aggregate memory.”

They expect to walk from the Dark Star Square Accra to Maxmart at 37.

Then, Danquah Establishment organizer Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko, has said “no loyalist can say the individual is against a clarion call to fix our country”.

As per him, “following 64 years, we have run out of reasons”.

“We should sort it out and fixed at this point! Together we can!” he said via web-based media.

Requests for better administration and responsibility from the public authority are acquiring force via web-based media in Ghana.

Particularly on Twitter, Ghanaians are advocating #FixTheCountry missions to cause to notice issues like joblessness, chronic frailty frameworks, helpless street organizations, convenience cost, cost of service bills, inconsistent force and water supply and general average cost for basic items among others.

With more than 4,000 #FixTheCountry tweets curated just now, today, Tuesday, 4 May 2021, has been pronounced #BlackTuesday.

In light of the #FixTheCountry lobby, a counter-hashtag #FixYourself has likewise been moving.