Moesha Bodoung cites Kardashian family in controversial posts

Moesha Bodoung

Moesha Bodoung, a Ghanaian actress and model, has declared that if offered millions of dollars, she won’t mind recommending cosmetic treatments to individuals.

She stated in a Snapchat post that while she wouldn’t mind receiving a hefty salary to promote cosmetic procedures, she encourages people to accept their authentic selves.

“I don’t mind being paid millions of dollars to sell a new cosmetic procedure that would even make me look older since money is what makes the Kardashian family keep changing,” she said.

Moesha emphasized that African men appreciate and cherish women in their natural condition and that trying to achieve perfection through plastic surgery could result in self-hatred. Moesha was criticized by some members of the public for her body improvement.

“African men love our natural selves, and plastic surgery looks don’t make us attractive to African men. A facial correction would do but don’t try to buy perfection, or you will hate your face,” she added.

Moesha advised ladies considering cosmetic surgery to begin with fillers before deciding on long-term changes.

She claims that fillers are transient and can provide a preview of how the face would seem following surgery.

“Always start with fillers and see if you love the look before going for a permanent face makeover since fillers always dissolve, and our faces go back to our natural face that was created by God Almighty,” she advised.