Motorway: Attendant feared dead as Tipper-truck crashes into toll-booth [Video]

One of the toll-booth attendants on the Tema-Motorway is feared dead after a tipper-truck crashed into the booth.

The unfortunate incident occurred on Monday morning, July 12, 2021. A video of the crash shows the body of the attendant, who is yet to be identified, lying on the ground motionless, with many onlookers at the scene.

Another attendant, who is physically challenged is also said to have sustained serious injuries after he was pulled out of the debris.

“I was on the Spintex-Road-side, but a few meters away from the toll booth, I saw the tipper driver rushing to the booth at the Tema side. The rate at which he was speeding showed that something was definitely going wrong. Either his brake had failed or he was an inexperienced driver.”

“By the time we realized, he had run into the toll booth, killing the attendant. So one of the attendants is dead, and the other is heavily injured”, an eyewitness, Kingsley Dunyo told Citi News.

This adds to the numerous accidents that have occurred already this year, and taken many lives while leaving several others injured.Road crashes have killed more than 1,000 people in the country from January to April 2021.

This was disclosed by Mrs. May Obiri Yeboah, the Director-General of the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) on Thursday, May 20, 2021. She said last year, 2,500 people died from road crashes, adding that the figure is the highest since 1991.

Watch the video below:


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