“My fall was a touch from the Holy Spirit” – Selina Boateng

Selina Boateng

Selina Boateng, a gospel musician, said, her fall was a touch from the Holy Spirit in response to the viral video of her falling while trying out some crazy dance moves at an event.

Remember that Selina Boateng fell while trying to do a crazy dance at the 10th edition of Celestial Praiz on March 6, 2023.

People laughed out loud when the video of the singer falling went viral. Selina Boateng, on the other hand, clarified the fall by stating that the holy spirit was to blame.

The singer who also writes songs claims that the reason she was dancing so enthusiastically on that fateful Monday was to express gratitude to God.

Adding that it was unfortunate that she fell while expressing appreciation to her creator.

She stated, “I think it was the doing of the holy spirit, that is all I will say.”

The singer claimed in an interview with Hitz Fm’s Daybreak Hitz that her fall was not news because King David experienced a similar circumstance in the Bible. Citing the book of scriptures story of David, Selina Boateng said that Lord David moved to the degree that his garments tumbled off and everybody around him was amazed and stunned.

“David was so happy that he went naked for God and the people were murmuring, asking him why he was naked, but David told them; if God did it for me, why won’t I show him my appreciation? So, I was just showing appreciation for all that God has done for me,’ the gospel diva emphasized.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com