“Stop Harassing Me Over My Breast, The oppression is too much”-Destiny Etiko Cries Out (Video)

Destiny Etiko

Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko laments the everyday persecution she faces because of her breast on social media.

The self-described “Dramadoll” quickly addressed the situation on her Instagram page and revealed that her fans and followers have been pleading with her to downsize her breast implants.

She claims that she has been getting signals advising her to seek breast reduction surgery. She questioned them about what her breast had done to her before admonishing them to mind their own business.

In her words;

“You people should stop harassing me about my breast. I don’t know what this breast has done to all of you. It’s none of your business, allow me to explore”.

In her caption, Destiny stated that the oppression is getting too much for her.