NSS lady sues First Atlantic Bank top manager over failure to fulfill relationship obligations

Love they say, is blind and if it is actually the case, fortune will smile on you” those would be some few counsels to give out to those who are somehow novice when it comes to marital issues.

Both parties are beneficiaries of the marriage or relationship but nowadays, our ladies do not have the desire to commit themselves into it since according to them, men of today are not reliable even though they would pledge to do a lot for you just to make you feel happy but suddenly, the moment that they remove your panties and taste the forbidden fruit laying down there silently, they begin to show attitudes against you.

That could be the exact instance of a purported secret affair ensued between a married bank manager and another colleague who came purposely to do her national service for the financial institution. As the bank manager in charge of finance, he thinks he oversees every activity that unfolds in the bank under his authority.

He wanted to be managing one of the ladies at the bank in addition to his role as the finance manager while he was also legally married with a substantive wife at home but unexpectedly, he decided to add more fresh blood to his and now, he has found himself in the jaws of the law for dereliction of his pledged duties.

The lady who has taken the bank manager to court, Deborah Seyram Adablah, claimed Ernest Kwasi Nimako, the finance manager for First Atlantic Bank, Accra branch, failed willfully to honour his supposed relationship commitments after all the assurances and promises he gave her when she came to do her national service at the bank.

According to Deborah Seyram Adablah, who is the plaintiff while Ernest Kwasi Nimako, the defendant, the lady claimed in a writ of summons to the office of the defendant alleging he promised her to make her a permanent staff member in the bank after her national service if she could give in to his sexual urges. At that time, he only intended to woo the young lady for favours and after promises to rent her an apartment including vehicles, Nimako reneged on his promises.

In the statement of the lady, she is dragging the finance manager to court for failing to uphold and fulfill his commitment after the latter made in the supposed intimate relationship that existed between the two parties and not anyone else. The defendant is expected to appear before 27th January, 2023 to answer cases contained in the writ of summons as initiated by Deborah Seyram Adablah against his persona.

The plaintiff admitted having intimate relationship with with the married Ernest Kwasi Nimako, and stated that her happiness at the workplace was under a threat had she failed to give in the relationship as demanded by the finance manager. She is therefore, demanding for the payment of rent promised her, getting her capital for business and change of ownership for some vehicles amongst others.


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