Sad Story: My Own Friend Poisoned Me – Guru (Video)

Rapper Guru recently astonished the public by sharing a terrifying event that nearly cost him his life.

Guru revealed that he was poisoned by none other than his very own best friend in an interview with Kingdom FM.

The artist revealed that his best buddy had poisoned him, an unanticipated turn of events that caught him off guard.

Guru had a chance to talk candidly about the tragic event that occurred in his life during his interview on Kingdom FM.

He said that one of his crew members had constantly tried to ruin his career through poisoning and spiritual assaults.

He described how, when he was on stage, he received a bottle of water that had been poisoned.

After drinking the water, he felt faint and then a wave of blankness came over him.

The severity of Guru’s illness is evident from his description of what happened after he drank the contaminated water. He experienced severe stomach and throat pains, which made him feel incredibly uncomfortable.

After being admitted to the hospital, scans and other tests were conducted to determine the reason of his illness.

In sharp contrast to the initial examination’s findings of nothing abnormal, unexpected substances were expelled from his throat to the surprise of medical specialists.