Son returns from UK to beg mum for abandoning her for years because his pastor said she was a witch


Destiny, a young guy who visited the UK, has now returned to Nigeria to make amends with his mother, whom he abandoned for five years.

Five years ago, Destiny came to the United Kingdom in search of greener pastures. Nevertheless, he alleges that a preacher in another country duped him into cutting off contact with his mother by tricking him with a revelation about her.

He detailed what happened and said he had reconciled with her in a video with TikTok content creator Ayoms.

As he went abroad, a friend took him to a preacher who spoke terrible things about the woman who gave birth to him, according to Fate.

The young guy stated that he was so angry that he refused to talk to his mother and also ended all the financial assistance he provided to her despite knowing that she was just a broke petty trader.

He said;

“When I got there, a friend of mine took me to one of his churches. The man of God there twisted my mind towards my mum. So, it has not been easy. He said so many things about my mum I could not even place my hands on. I could not reach out to my mum or talk to her. My mind was so bitter.”

Destiny went on to say that he ended up in prison due to paperwork issues and that while there, he had a strange dream about his mother.

“I dreamt and I saw my mum fighting for me. The shocking part of it is that she was fighting and holding my papers back from them,” he explained.

In the same video, upon his return to Nigeria, he visited the spot where his mum fries akara and scattered everything.

He announced that he was back to take care of her and begged her to accept him back that he was remorseful and they made up.

Watch the video below;


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