Stop describing yourself as ‘landlord’ of GH rap cos you’re not – Eno Barony to Sarkodie

Eno Barony

Many people have been dissuaded from calling Sarkodie the landlord of Ghana rap by the Ghanaian rapper Eno Barony.

She asserts that no one person owns or controls the Ghanaian rap scene.

She thinks it is inappropriate to refer to Sarkodie as a “landlord” given the existence of other powerful rappers who are still active, such as herself.

Even after invalidating the Landlord’s title, Eno Barony conveyed a brazen message to Sarkodie in her most recent rap song.

“We living on the land with no lords. No Man’s land, Nobody be landlord.”

Sarkodie is widely regarded as the one icon of the Ghanaian music industry and has been dubbed the Landlord of Ghanana rap locally.

Obidi is actually thought to be the most well-known Ghanaian musician with a large international fan base.

Therefore, many think it is not unlikely for Sarkodie to be viewed and referred to as the Landlord of Ghana Music given his body of work, relevance, impact, and length of time in the industry.