You rap three minutes, one sense sef nor dey inside – Worlasi shades Medikal


Rapper Medikal has received indirect criticism from contemporary Ghanaian musician Worlasi for calling his lines stupid.

Without addressing him by name, Worlasi said in a tweet that rappers typically rap for three minutes without saying anything that makes sense.

Worlasi was apparently alluding to rapper Medikal in the incident, but many have connected his otherwise innocuous tweet to Medikal.

Medikal is well-known for his unorthodox rapping technique, in which he uses jargon and the most basic of phrases to produce straightforward rhyme patterns.

He has received harsh criticism for failing to crack punchlines or deliver great bars that would have left the audience in awe.

However, Medikal has maintained that no matter how basic people see his rap style, that is his style.

On the back of that, many believe that for Worlasi to state: “You rap three minutes, one sense sef nor dey inside”, he was definitely shading Medikal.