Talented UCC Ph.D. student developing a unique refrigerator to keep farmers' vegetables fresh

A very interesting video has gone viral on social media which has impressed netizens in which a very beautiful Ghanaian lady believed to be a student of the University of Cape Coast, detailing how the specially designed refrigerator was built including the materials involved in its molding and how it works, has become the talking points on the internet platforms.

The video is currently gaining massive waves across the world where Ghanaian people in particular, have been praising and hailing the individual brain who is the architect of this very reproductive system of helping farmers mitigate the impact of food crops being rotten on their farms due to lack of ready markets for their farm produce.

A creative doctoral Ph.D. student in Ghana who attends the University of Cape Coast has developed a unique and special refrigerator to help farmers preserve their products from damage and unavailability of ready markets, has changed the untold story of farmers most especially the ones in Ghana where crops harvested have been decaying on their farms because there are no markets or due to the far distances involved in getting market, to keep their food crops and cash crops harvested in a refrigerator until their day of going for marketing is ready.

This talented Ph.D. student of UCC in Ghana is putting smiles on the faces of Ghanaian farmers significantly when it surfaced online that such a very useful refrigerator has been created by that particular Ghanaian intelligent doctoral student at the University of Cape Coast.

The refrigerator, which is believed to be the best traditional cooling system, would be keeping the crops of farmers fresh until they are ready to market them in the open markets across the entire country.

is one of the best traditional methods of keeping farm produce from rotting early until farmers transport them to the markets.

The refrigerator which involves the use of less capital investment but is very productive will prevent and reduce post-harvest losses to keep the farmers in a business that makes the sector attractive and more appealing to the younger ones who would be motivated and inspired to venture into farming.

Such activities are skillfully exhibited to whip up the interest of those who are having it at the back of their minds that education today does not have any purpose.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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