“The Elders of Our Generation are Our Problem…” – Haruna Babangida

Haruna Babangida expresses disappointment in how the Christian council is handling the Wesley Girl’s school and it’s Muslim student’s misunderstanding. According to the outspoken radio presenter, the decision of the Christian council to throw their weight behind the leadership of the Methodist Church was either a decision out of a hasty reaction to the issue or the council just couldn’t pretend about their intentions/relationship with the Muslim community anymore.

He thinks their decision has the tendancy of creating religious tension among the two major faiths who have been living together peacefully for the past years to the admiration of harbouring countries.

In a facebook post, Haruna Babangida says their decision lacked wisdom and has the potential of building religious tension.

“By now the LGBTQ+ people are laughing at us. By now they’re saying “look at them, they are discriminating against themselves now”.

“The elders of this generation are our problem, a lot of grey people without wisdom are those leading my sorry generation. No wonder we don’t have new wise sayings, all our wise sayings are quotes from the past (our wise forefathers). They are gradually driving us into a ditch”.

“I am not sure the Christian council thought through this matter well. It’s either it was a response out of hast, or they couldn’t just pretend about their true intention/relationship with the Muslim community anymore”.


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