The original UnBraider is the result of Natasha Anderson and Khadija Imara’s inventiveness and “black girl magic.” The product is developing into a regular part of everyday life in society thanks to its expanding social media presence and the co-signing of numerous notable celebrities, including entertainment personality Tamar Braxton.

But what does it do and what distinguishes it from other products? The Original UnBraider is an innovative product for unbraiding hair that is both durable and artistically designed. The comb has been designed to simultaneously remove six to eight braids.

It does two things at once: it removes braids and combs out unbraided hair at the same time.

By creating black-owned hair care products for black people in a market where black women are the majority consumer but have a minority ownership, the product, and brand aim to revolutionize the beauty industry.

Also, it encourages young women to start their businesses. Teens and young adults can start their own take-down business by using The Original UnBraider, a low-cost foundation, to finally offer products and services specifically curated for protective styles that hydrate and strengthen hair.

The Original UnBraider’s overall goal and approach are unparalleled. The invention is also unique due to the story of its two brilliant creators.

The brand is driven by Natasha Anderson, co-founder, and co-owner. She was a mother of five children and a graduate of Cal State Long Beach. In 2004, she had the vision to change how beauticians, parents, and children put braids back on.

The objective was to revolutionize the beauty industry by altering the procedure for removing braids, offering opportunities to young women, and empowering the black community at the same time.

Black ownership of the beauty industry is lacking, and The Original UnBriader aims to demonstrate to black people, particularly young black women, that we can be creative problem solvers and innovators.

In California, Natasha and her family distributed the product through kiosks in shopping malls and beauty salons. Sadly, Anderson’s mother’s diagnosis of breast cancer and subsequent death initially slowed the business.

After their grandmother passed away, Khadija Imara assumed the role of CEO and concentrated on her enthusiasm for the entrepreneurship of black women.

Khadija has a natural affinity for acquiring an effective business that helps transcend boundaries, in addition to having an impressive educational background—a B.A. from the University of California, Davis class of 2018, and a Master of Educational Technology from Boise State University in 2020. Imara set out to accomplish her mother’s original goal of making it easier for people to unbraid their hair.

addition to the hot comb and the bonnet, Khadija is committed to bringing The Original UnBraider into black households and black-owned businesses worldwide.

Natasha and Khadija’s overall goal is to create a product that will speed up the removal of braids and use the business to support and empower the black community. with numerous successful preorders and a forthcoming Amazon release.



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