Tic Tac mounts billboard to celebrate wife’s birthday, fans react

Tic Tac

Tic Tac, a Ghanaian musician, has put up billboards all over Accra to celebrate his wife’s birthday.

The hip-hop crooner shared the video on social media to show the world how much he loves his wife and how eager he was to celebrate her.

Tic Tac wrote in a tweet: “So I decided to celebrate my wife with a few billboards in Accra and Kumasi.”

His gesture sparked an online debate, with many fans questioning why he would go to such lengths to please her wife.

Tic Tac was not supposed to put his wife’s pictures on billboards so that the entire world could see how much he loved her, according to many.

Given how perilous relationships and marriages have become, many people believe Tic Tac would be on the losing end if his wife decided to pack up and leave him one day.

Several pessimistic comments were made under the posts. However, Tic Tac believes putting his wife’s images on billboards was a strong statement he had to make about their love.