Two Black High School Students Make History At Harvard University

As education has been described as being the only tool that opens up the future bring, two African icons have been making African nations proud at the international levels of their education at Atlanta.

DJ Roman and Keith Harris have succeeded in leading their team in winning the 2019 annual international debate tournament at Harvard University.

The duo, who have maintained their statuses as undefeated record holders for two consecutive years have won the hearts of many people who have been following their high level of dexterity. DJ Roman, is a senior student at North Atlanta High School while Keith Harris is attending Westlake High School.

Both of the young enterprising students have displayed their intelligence by meticulously learning under the tutelage of their humble and kind tutor, their assistant debate coach, Brandon P. Fleming for barely ten months without any heckles and disagreements.

The level at which these two young individuals have exhibited their brains had elated people who are concerned about the future of the African continent and how they have utilized the opportunity granted to them.

Even though they have won such an amazing triumph, they still composed themselves well to the administration of their followers and the entire student body as a whole.

And it is a very great privilege for all Africans to let the world know that, it is not about the colors of their skin but it is only the brain that makes the difference between Whites and Blacks.



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