Pastor Elvis Agyeman
Pastor Elvis Agyeman

The founder of the Grace Mountain Ministry, has been trending on countless social media platforms for what appears to be generational curses he has unleashed and rained on certain unscrupulous people who hacked into his YouTube Account and willfully, expunged all his late hours sermons he has been sharing with over 100, 000 watchers across the whole world.

The founder Pastor Elvis late hours could not believe such an act of lawlessness could have been meted out to him and he therefore did not want to allow God to seek a revenge on his behalf.

The man of God, was exasperated about t, therefore, incident and cursed seriously those who revegetated such heinous atrocities against his wonderful work.

According to information circulating on social media platforms, all his sermons were deleted after his accounts were hacked by anonymous persons believed to be hacked. Pastor Elvis Agyeman, whose sermons could be reached out to on many social media platforms, did not take kindly to what occurred to him and he painfully cursed those faceless individuals behind such mischievous conducts against his office and his personality.

Due to his utmost display and disbelief, he decided to curse them conditionally so that they could feel the penalty for their illicit activities against his Godly ministry.

The founder of Grace Mountain Ministry, pastor Elvis Agyeman, has been sharing his seminars and sermons which have been touching, transforming and healing many souls on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and others on daily basis but it seems those who are, behind the scenes or the culprits, have been monitoring how he, usually goes about his preachings that he has been posting on the social media platforms mentioned earlier.

The renowned Ghanaian preacher of the gospel, has been very popular in Ghana and many parts of the global village and as a result, the activities of his church have gone global which has pulled up a lot of people into his ministry.

It is not however clear, if he is going to vacate his wrath after cursing those behind the hacking into his YouTube account, however, extension, clearing off every details of his sermons to over one hundred thousand people worldwide.



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