VIDEO: Bella of Date Rush fame narrates how she was stabbed by a Cameroonian man

Bella of Date Rush Fame

Behind that banging body there are a great deal of scars profound inside that we can’t see as Bella of Date Rush notoriety describes how she was cut twice and hit on the head with a 4×4 board.

She has ascended to distinction through TV3’s well known dating show Date Rush and in a meeting with ZionFelix uncovered how she was almost murdered by a Cameroonian man.

As per the trying columnist, there was this Cameroonian public living in their leased house utilizing his condo for prostitution which her mom revealed her to the Police.


The Cameroonian local got irate and taken steps to kill somebody before he goes out so one day as she got back from school , she planned to get water in a well and this man followed him and hit his head with a board prior to wounding her twice in the correct chest and on her arms.

Watch video below


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