‘We Will Sit With Angels And Eat’ — Mr. Ibu To Rudebuoy

Known, personally, as Charles Okafor, the comic actor had spent his final days, in a hospital bed, battling a blood clot in his amputated leg.

As if to tell his loved ones and the public that he had a journey to embark on, Mr. Ibu shared a profound message on how life is short, and the inevitability of death.

“I know not where to start, but, everything happens, exactly, in God’s own time. When the time comes, it has come” — this was the first part of the message veteran actor, Charles Okafor, offered unto Rudebuoy of P-Square fame.

It, later, was revealed, according to Ghbuzznews findings, that Peter Okoye, also known by stage name, Rudebuoy, had been an unrelenting channel of support during Mr. Ibu’s hospitalization.

While his friend’s family, the Okafors, was going through a lot of financial setbacks and embezzlement, Rudebuoy, surreptitiously, took charge of the entire medical bills, without seeking social media recognition.

In awe of this, Mr. Ibu was only showering good wishes and blessings on his good friend for being selfless and kind, when he was needed the most.

“If you don’t go to heaven, call me Nama. You will go to heaven, and we will sit down in the presence of angels, and we will eat together. Your life will never change.”

Apparently, these were the final words, meant to be an adieus, to Mr. Ibu’s fans and family, those who were there for him, through thick and thin.

Even as death drew nearer, the deceased, Charles Okafor, still managed to remain unflinched, as he cracked an effortless joke.

R.I.P to veteran legend, Mr. Ibu.