Why Adomaa attempted suicide


Adomaa, a Ghanaian singer and actress, has revealed that she suffers from depression and panic attacks, and that she considered suicide at one point. All of these things happened when she was at the pinnacle of her musical career.


Joy Onyinyechukwu Adomaa Serwaa Adjeman, who was born Joy Onyinyechukwu Adomaa Serwaa Adjeman, has spoken out about her battle with mental illness and why she had to take a sabbatical from active music.

She described her rise to fame as “sudden” when all she ever wanted was to take things a step at a time. A lot went wrong with her mental health which eventually affected her team.

“Just learnt to crawl and I am being told to run and I am trying to keep up and I just wanted to slow down but you just can’t slow down. It was really bad.”

In a June 2022 interview with Asaase Radio, the ‘Afraba’ singer outlined how struggles caused her to attempt suicide.

“I started to have proper panic attacks; physically can’t breathe, my heart starts beating extremely fast like there is air but I can’t breathe and my brain is just saying you are going to die. I am not proud of it but once I did attempt suicide. I was really going through it at that time and that is how come I lost an incredible amount of weight at a very short time,” Adomaa disclosed.

The singer earlier in an interview with Africanews in May mentioned that “the darkest point during this period was when I attempted suicide. I tried to swallow some expired drugs, but God saved me that day.”

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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