Why ‘sugar daddies’ are important to society – Actor explains


The controversial media personality and actor Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, better known by his stage as Nedu, has claimed that the economic growth of older married men choosing young mistresses is crucial.

He claimed that’sugar daddies’ are responsible for the success of businesses since they frequently spend a lot of money on a variety of products in an effort to support the opulent lifestyles of their young mistresses.

Nedu asserted that several upscale firms are prospering as a result of “sugar daddies.”

He claimed that many young women desire showy lifestyles and that these sugar daddies are financing their aspirations.

He stated these claims in a recent episode of the audiovisual podcast The Honest Bunch, which he also co-hosted.

“Every girl wants a ‘baby girl’ lifestyle. We must give shoutouts to a lot of sugar daddies. God bless every sugar daddy out there. Sugar daddy is an industry on its own. A lot of sugar daddies, they make the world go round. Sugar daddies are the reasons why some resorts have customers.”