Wow) Awurade Anka Wonwu – Agradaa causes stir with insensitive sermon about Christian Atsu

Agradaa, a Ghanaian evangelist and former fetish priestess, has spoken out against Christian Atsu in her church.

Agradaa criticized the late football player anyway, making him a subtopic.

Agradaa admitted that she had finished preparing her sermon when she received the news about Atsu’s death, but she took three minutes to say something about it and preached about repentance.

She mentioned that Atsu died without knowing God.

She claims that if Christian Atsu truly knew God, he would have been saved along with the other saved individuals.

Agradaa went on to say that football players frequently seek protection from fetish, black magic, and other forms of power. There, Atsu would have saved him if he truly believed in God.

Ghanaians have been enraged by the self-described evangelist as social media users attack her.

Some people claim that they would have preferred God to call Agradaa home rather than Atsu, while others claim that she is pursuing influence through her stupidity.

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