You can’t know Bible more than me, I went to Bible School – Efya

You can’t know Bible more than me, I went to Bible School – Efya

Ghanaian musician, Efya Nokturnal, recently made a bold and powerful statement on TV3’s The Day Show. In an interview with Berla Mundi, she openly declared her identity as a child of God, despite being known as a secular artist.

Efya emphasized that she can also be a gospel artiste and expressed her frustration at the notion that being a secular artist should prevent her from collaborating with gospel artistes. Interestingly, Efya holds the record for being the most featured female artist in the country.

During the interview, she shared her experience of being asked why she collaborated with a gospel artiste.

She expressed her frustration, saying, “What’s that about? Can I not do gospel music? Are we serious? I am a child of God. What are you saying? I have the power in me. I went to bible school. You can’t know the bible more than me. “Efya’s courage to speak out, showcase her beliefs, and challenge the status quo highlights her extraordinary determination and resilience in the face of societal pressure.

Efya has noticed a concerning trend among her fellow citizens. It seems that the term “secular” is often given a negative connotation, associated with devilish behavior. Efya vehemently advises people to stop labeling it as such, recognizing the harm such stereotyping can cause.

In her interview, she expressed her disappointment at how quickly people focus on the negative, rather than recognizing her many achievements. As the first female artist to break a record and with numerous awards to her name, Efya has more than proven her worth. However, she is saddened that these accomplishments are often overlooked in favor of negative opinions.

Her message to her fellow Ghanaians is to shift the focus towards positive opinions and truly recognize the value and talents of their fellow citizens.